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We invite everyone who has never studied Chinese and who is ready to continue studying with native Chinese speakers for courses.

Six levels of the general course:

  1. Elementary 1 – Beginner (汉语初级一) (对初学者)
  2. Elementary 2 – Elementary (汉语 初级二)
  3. Elementary 3 – Pre-Intermediate (汉语初级三)
  4. Intermediate – intermediate level (汉语中级一)
  5. Upper-Intermediate – above average level (汉语中级二)
  6. Advanced – advanced/high level (汉语高级)

Business Chinese Course

The purpose of this course is to develop students’ knowledge of the rules for preparing business documents and negotiating, obtaining and consolidating knowledge of grammar, expanding vocabulary, and expanding the possibilities of business communication in Chinese.

The course program includes three levels: zero (0), elementary (A) and advanced (B). Levels open when there is a group of at least 10 people per level.

The zero level program includes the study of the basics of the Chinese language (tone, pronunciation, basic grammar, basic vocabulary). The duration of the level is 1 month. A certificate is not issued upon completion of this level.

The entry level program (A) includes:

  • learning the basics of Chinese business correspondence;
  • learning the basics of negotiation;
  • preparation for the international exam in business Chinese BCT A;
  • practice with a native speaker.

The advanced level program includes (you need a level not lower than HSK 4):

  • in-depth study of special vocabulary;
  • business correspondence course in Chinese;
  • study of the features and rules for compiling documents in Chinese;
  • mastering the methods of planning and organizing business trips;
  • familiarization of students with the texts of economic topics and their analysis;
  • preparation for the international exam in business Chinese BCT B;
  • practice with a native speaker.

The duration of the level is 4 months.

The HSKK is an internationally standardized test that measures the level of spoken language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers and their ability to communicate orally in Chinese in everyday life, school and work. HSKK is divided into three levels – elementary, intermediate and advanced. Beginner level: for those who have studied Chinese for 2-3 hours a week for 1-2 semesters and have about 200 common words
Intermediate level: for those who have studied Chinese for 2-3 hours a week for 1-2 academic years and have about 900 common words
Advanced level: for those who have studied Chinese for more than 2 years and have about 3000 common words.

The Business Chinese Exam is a government standardized test designed to determine the level of business Chinese proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers. The exam was developed by Peking University on behalf of the National Committee for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (Hanban). The English language exam is called “Business Chinese Test” with the abbreviated form “BCT”.。 The BCT exam is designed to test examinees’ Chinese language skills used in various business, life and social communication situations. The exam is practical and communicative.