Chinese courses: beginner level (A1)

Chinese courses: beginner level (A1)

Today, sociologists’ forecasts agree that in the future, Chinese will be a strong competitor to English, becoming the main language of international communication.

All this is due to the fact that the economy of China itself is developing rapidly.

The growing popularity of this language lies in the huge number of its speakers. If you want to meet the requirements dictated by the world’s development trends and join the multi-billion audience of people who speak Chinese, then welcome!
After all, thanks to this language, you will not only expand your horizons, but also your capabilities.

The proposed Chinese language courses will help you get to know the historical events of China, its traditions, culture, art, and philosophy. Today, given the rapid development of business relations with China, mastering the Chinese language is not only exciting and informative, but also extremely important for building a successful career and doing business at the international level.

During the past decades, the People’s Republic of China has been able to demonstrate unprecedented achievements, it is developing very quickly and has a huge impact on the state of the world economy. The PRC provides many countries of the world community with excellent chances to benefit from the fruits of its economic growth and prosperity.

Dynamically growing in the economic sense, China continues to attract the attention of many international companies.

It is the rapid development of China and its economic success that has led to an increase in demand for learning Chinese around the world.

A foreigner who speaks Chinese will always evoke sympathy among Chinese businessmen, he will seem to them a more serious, reliable business partner. Anyone who wants to successfully establish and develop a business in China, cooperate with Chinese business companies, must remember that for the citizens of the Celestial Empire, the native language is the most reliable. That is why recently Chinese language courses have become almost the most popular in the world.

By choosing to study Chinese at the Learning Center, you:

Get a portion of useful information and skills for a price that will fit into any budget;
You will learn from good mentors – experienced practitioners who will find the answer to all questions and even discuss with you;
Get the opportunity to choose the time and days of your classes yourself, without relegating the main daily tasks to the background;
You can study in a group or focus all the attention of the teacher only on yourself;
Don’t spend too much time on lessons;
You will always be in a cozy friendly atmosphere;
At the end of the course, you will receive a separate certificate, which will be a good addition to your other recommendations.
This is not all that education in our center includes. Are you really intrigued? Then choose us and use the advantages of the Training Center to the fullest!

When you first start learning Chinese, you have to learn a lot of new information: unusual sounds, tones, characters, keys. But then the core of knowledge will grow faster and faster – like a snowball rolling down a mountain. It will become easier for you to memorize new characters when you understand what they consist of. And with the perception of speech there will be no problems when you master the tones and vocabulary. So the efforts at the initial stage will pay off handsomely.