Online casinos in Chinese

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The best Chinese casinos

Despite the strict legal restrictions in the gambling industry, China remains an object of interest to gambling fans from all over the world. This is mainly thanks to Macau. This is where most of China’s casinos are located – they rival the top casinos in Las Vegas. They are attracted by the level of service and the great choice of games. Gambling sites are banned in the country, but users can bet on foreign sites. Chinese platforms are registered outside the country. Popular slot machines are available on them, there are bonuses and trusted payment systems.

Advantages of Chinese casinos

The country has one legal gambling zone in Macau. In the rest of the country, gambling is illegal. One exception is the national lottery. According to some sources, it was its prototype that gave rise to the Great Wall of China. The money to build it came from a game resembling keno.

Some types of betting, such as football betting, are allowed in China.

Macau has not only local operators but also international companies that own some of the best gambling houses in Las Vegas. Here are some of them:

  • MGM;
  • Las Vegas Sands;
  • Wynn Resorts.

These companies have brought to the Asian region the traditions and standards of the largest American gambling zone, creating global trends. As a result, the peninsula has gained the status of a leading resort aimed at gambling tourists. By visiting Chinese casinos in Macau, players receive first class service. At the same time, the establishments retain an Asian flavour, which makes them more unusual in comparison to European ones. According to Las Vegas Sands director Sh. Adelson, Las Vegas should be called the American Macau.

How society views the gambling industry

Prohibitions and restrictions have not stopped the Chinese from remaining keen gamblers. The first references to gambling in the Middle Kingdom date back to the second millennium BC. Residents of the country play mahjong and go right on the streets. They are not assessed as gambling by the authorities. Chinese citizens form a large part of the audience of Macau’s establishments. To enter the gambling zone they must go through a checkpoint. They also have to prove that they have a large sum of money. People under the age of 21 and officials are not allowed to gamble in the region.

Historical background

A law banning other forms of gambling was introduced in the late 1940s and is still in force today. Until then, most of the official casinos and underground halls were concentrated in Shanghai. There were entire neighbourhoods in the city filled with gambling establishments. After the ban, they began to operate clandestinely. There are now strict penalties for gambling outside the designated gambling zone.

Until 1999, the Macau Peninsula was a Portuguese colony. Three years after it became part of the People’s Republic of China, a decision was made to set up a gambling zone. Legally, nothing has changed in the region, as gambling has been legal in the area since the late 19th century. Until 2002, the STDM was the only player in this segment. Later, when foreign operators came to the peninsula, the industry began to actively develop.

The best Chinese casinos in Macau

The status of “Eastern Monte Carlo” has been cemented for the peninsula since the mid-19th century, when the Portuguese allowed gambling entertainment in the region. This segment of the business is now controlled by Macau Gaming Law.

The following gambling activities are permitted in the gaming zone:

  • Slot machines;
  • Card games;
  • Roulette;
  • Table games;
  • Sports betting.

The list of banned games is specified in the Illegal Gaming Law. As of mid-2022, there are 35 gambling establishments on the peninsula. Most are on the Cotai Strip. The name was introduced by Las Vegas Sands. It is an analogy to the Las Vegas Strip boulevard, where the most famous gambling establishments are concentrated.

The Venetian Macao. The largest casino in the region is owned by the operator Las Vegas Sands. It operates out of a 980,000 square metre hotel. The resort was opened in 2007. The gambling establishment is spread over 50,700 square metres and comprises four areas. There are 3,400 slot machines and 800 tables. The gambling complex hosts concerts, sports matches and other entertainment events.

MGM Macau. The resort has been in operation since 2007. MGM is 50% owned by MGM and the other half by the daughter of Stanley Ho, a major figure in Macau’s gambling industry. The casino has an area of 20,620 square metres. Visitors have access to slot machines, poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette and other entertainment. Guests can legally bypass winnings tax. Average bets are 5 USD on slots and 50 USD on card entertainment. There are 345 tables and 1,045 machines in the halls.

Wynn Macau. The complex opened in 2006. The area of the gambling establishment is 25,400 square meters. Players have access to 375 machines and 212 tables. The hotel has 1,008 rooms. Accommodation costs up to 2,500 USD per night.

Grand Lisboa. The casino, located in a skyscraper, is part of the Stanley Ho empire. It has been in operation since 2007. It has 800 tables and 1,000 machines. It was the first casino in Macau to offer dice and some poker. There are 10 restaurants on site and the hotel has 430 rooms. The Grand Lisboa Macau is home to the Stanley Ho Star Diamond.

City of Dreams. The casino resort opened in 2009. The gambling house is 39,000 square metres in size. Visitors can choose from 1,500 machines and 550 tables. The hotel has 971 rooms.

Altira Macau. The establishment is located on Taipa Island. Players can choose from 550 machines and 220 tables. The hotel has 216 rooms. There are several restaurants, a spa and a swimming pool on site.

Grand Lapa Macau. The hotel was opened by the Portuguese in the late 19th century. It has 435 rooms in colonial style. The casino has 59 machines and 11 tables.

Sands Macao. This is one of the first gambling establishments to open on the peninsula after 2002. It has been open since 2004. Like The Venetian Macao, it is owned by the Las Vegas Sands operator. It offers 405 machines and 270 tables. There are 289 rooms and an Arabian-style park on site. The casino is 21,300 square metres in size.

The impact of such a business on the economy

Income from the gambling industry makes up the majority of Macau’s budget revenues. Its share is more than 70%. Approximately the same percentage of the region’s adult population works in the gambling industry. Casinos increase the flow of tourists to the peninsula, contributing to additional budget revenues.

Macau ranks first in the world in terms of the amount of money visitors leave in gambling establishments.

The gambling business brings in $6 billion annually to the region’s budget.

How to play at Chinese casinos online

From the point of view of the law online casinos in China are prohibited. No gambling site servers can be located in the country. The accounts associated with them are blocked. Restrictions apply to foreign sites as well. Access to many of them is closed by providers. Operators can register their activities outside the country. Technically, such sites are foreign, but they operate in Chinese and offer an appropriate choice of entertainment. There are no legal restrictions on gambling sites. They have slot machines, roulette, card games and other games.

These sites have special offers, promotions and tournaments. Players get bonuses for registering and recharging their accounts. Many sites have a loyalty programme. When a user advances to a new level, they receive personal bonuses. Chinese online casinos have these features:

  • A large selection of games from Asian brands.
  • Bonuses and promotions.
  • Available electronic payment systems.

Operators in China allow players to bet in cryptocurrency. The portal has a list of Asian casinos with open registration for users from other countries. These sites have licenses and operate legally. They have slots from well-known providers. Most of the sites in the ranking can be played for free. Many sites have a mobile version.

How to register from another country

If the site has no restrictions for users from other countries, any player over the age of 21 can register. In the beginning, a special form should be filled out. In it, you need to enter your login, password, email, phone number. When registering, it is necessary to select the currency in which the user will deposit and withdraw winnings. For the account to become active, it is necessary to confirm the procedure with the help of a link sent to the e-mail or by SMS. After registration, the player can proceed to the Personal Area. There you can make a deposit and create a withdrawal request.

Switching the Language

Most operators create websites in multiple languages. If the Chinese version is opened by default, the player can choose another one. Usually the localization menu is located at the top of the screen. Opening it, the user will see the available languages.

Deposit and withdrawal of winnings

It will be possible to play for money after the user has made a deposit. A player has to go to myAlpari and select a payment system. Then, he has to specify the amount. After confirmation of the payment, the money will be credited to the account. The user will be able to use them for betting.

To get the winnings you need to create a withdrawal request in myAlpari. It specifies the amount and the payment method. Before that, you have to confirm your identity. Scans of documents and bank cards are used for this.