Chinese for children

Why learn Chinese?

The Chinese language is a modern trend that will give your children access to cooperation with one of the fastest growing countries in the world.


The study of grammar and vocabulary takes place according to a communicative method: children work in pairs and groups, discuss topics that are really interesting to them: modern inventions, trends, travel. The topics of the classes correspond to the age category of students.

A clear, structured and dynamic development program— Developed with the participation of leading educators and child psychologists.

  • Suitable for studying in schools according to the programs: School of Russia, Perspective, Primary School of the XXI century, Learning to Learn (Peterson), Elkonin System, as well as Pre-school in France, Great Britain (EYFS), Germany and Canada.
  • Takes into account age and individual pace of development
  • Includes a wide range of additional, but important skills: communication, emotional intelligence, cognitive development, creativity, volitional sphere
  • Contains many game mechanics to motivate the child
  • Transparent to the parent. Report after each lesson and regular diagnostics for course correction
    The teachers we choose and who choose us— Higher specialized education
  •  Involvement in your child, warmth in every lesson and respectful attitude. We don’t scold, we don’t compare with anyone and we don’t rush.
  • Possession of modern development methods, knowledge of various educational tools, ability to work online
  • Active life position and values ​​close to us
  • We have created a comfortable environment for development and exchange of experience. We encourage educational projects and initiatives of our teachers, as well as reasonable freedom in conducting lessons.
  • Lack of bureaucracy allows you to focus on education
    Truly individual and cool lessons, after which the child is charged with calm energy and happy
  • Flexibility and customization of the lesson, the ability to start from the level at which the child is
  • Unified lesson design
  • Transparent and honest system of payment only for the actual time of the lesson
  • And, of course, lessons are held without parents. The kids are 100% involved.
    Warm (cozy) service — We always respond quickly and competently and do not lose anything
  • We listen to parents and get involved in problems
  • We support flexible scheduling
  • Responsive to parental needs
    Main difficulty
    It is very difficult to find a competent Chinese teacher even for adults. It is very different in form from the Romance languages ​​we are used to. The pronunciation of the same words drastically changes the meaning.
    About the approach
    Our teachers are excellent teachers and specialize only in children.

Learning new words in 20 Chinese lessons
In each topic, using the first cartoon, words related to the theme of the cartoon are introduced.

Chinese video course

An introductory cartoon is followed by a variant of the same film intended to be repeated. After the beep, children repeat the words and sentences spoken by a native speaker. And thus consolidate the acquired knowledge of the language structure and develop the ability of oral expression. Interesting characters and cartoons will attract the attention of the youngest students.